Depilation with Wax

In the market developed of depilations to carry out oneself at the house, this technique tends to develop more and more.

It combines the advantage of the electric depilation which makes it possible to have one pushes back only at the end of 3 weeks approximately while causing pains minus sharp that with an electric epilator, except for most inattentive which would make too much heat the wax and which by là-même would be burned.

The hot wax is a product containing small resin balls to dissolve. From now on one finds especially waxes “ready with the use”, much easier of preparation than traditional waxes. They are even at present already out of pot ready to pass to the microwave and the turn is played. Always pay great attention to the temperature of wax, to test systematically before any application, under penalty of being made serious burns.

Heat has however the principal advantage of dilating the pores of the skin, thus making depilation easier and more effective.

The practical side is ensured more and more with this method, whose important time of preparation was the principal disadvantage.

The wax makes it possible to capture the hair “by sticking it” and to withdraw it quietly. It is enough to apply the preparation to the skin using a spatula out of wooden or of a roll one which puts on the skin uninterrupted wax. Once the dry wax, it is appropriate to tear off from a dry blow in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair.

It is strongly disadvised to the people suffering from varixes or venous insufficiencies to resort to this method, because depilation with wax can cause hématomes to them (vessels being dilated by heat).

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