Depilation with the Depilatory cream

The principal advantage of this method of depilation remain its perfectly painless side. It does not cause any pain nor tingling while having a more long épilatoire effect than the razor. However, pushes back it hairs is much faster than depilation with wax or electric depilation.

The principle of the depilatory creams lies in the active contents of the composition which makes it possible to destroy the hair with the root like its envelope. Indeed the active ingredient of the cream attacks keratin and thus makes it possible to push back pushes back it approximately 10 days, counters daily for a razor.

The principal reproaches which were made with this type of depilation was the possible risks of allergy but the manufacturers have bine developed all kinds of creams especially adapted to the most sensitive and fragile skins.

There is thus a whole range of depilatory preparations for almost all the types of skins and hairs.

It is enough to spread out the cream over all the zone to be depilated (on dry skin) and to let pose the time indicated on the note. There is not any more but to once rinse past time.

Think of well hydrating the skin with a milk hydrating in order to restore the natural protection of the skin by paying attention not to use aggressive products or containing alcohol.

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