Depilation with the Razor

The main thing and major advantage of this type of depilation remain the speed of execution. That makes it possible to be always clear and to keep the legs smooth each day.

The major disadvantage remains the fact that pushes back it hairs is very fast, thus requiring a regular and daily maintenance of its hairs.

The other asset of the razor remains in the very economic investment which it represents: indeed any type of razor is appropriate and there does not need anything else. There are very many creams and gel which one can apply before shaving but that is not necessary. There are also in the trade of many types of razors known as “women” especially adapted to depilation and having protections in order not to irritate the skin. Certain razors have even integrated lenitive creams which settle during shaving.

This type of depilation remains a good compromise between electric depilation and depilatory depilation, especially making it possible to be simple, fast, economic, reliable but supporting one pushes back quasi immediate and of the harder hairs.

This method is particularly advised for the legs, in daily final improvements, or the armpits, in daily employment also.

It is advised to pass a cream hydrating after shaving in order not to have a little irritated or more easily desiccated.


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