Final depilation

Final depilation is the other name of depilation to the laser. We invite you to consult the card concerning laser depilation, and will develop on this one the possible cogency of “final”.

As we mentioned in the card on depilation with the laser, the results are certainly impressive, but do not allow a “total and final” depilation inevitably.

Indeed, the hairs are in general destroyed to 80%, namely that approximately 80% of them do not push back any more. It should be known that a hair has several phases of life: it is replaced by a new hair after having grows and being remained at a stationary stage some time. Each hair has “a particular cycle of life” and it is in the sense that the number of meetings varies according to each one and is determined according to the reactions to the treatment.

But the term of “final” remainder per hour current nonfounded in the direction where, although the method is very convincing, there remains one pushes back possible, related to many factors (the physiology of each one, the age, changes hormonal, etc…).

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Epilation laser definitive
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