Depilation of the Eyebrows

Delicate depilation par excellence, the depilation of the eyebrows requires much tact and precision. Essential component of the glance, of the well depilated and drawn eyebrows are very often regarded as essential to a beautiful glance.

The principal method used for this type of depilation is the tweezers, with or without preliminary wax.

The tweezers make it possible to remove the same hairs smallest, in a very precise way. It is thus ideal alone, or after wax in order to operate “the completions” because the wax cannot apply everywhere and precisely. There are all kinds of forms for the tweezers and can thus be appropriate for everyone. It is just necessary to think of disinfecting it regularly.

For wax of the eyebrows, it is about tepid wax, often presented in the form of all small pearls easy to apply to this zone. One does not need a hot wax on the eyelids, the skin being very fine. Do not let either dry wax because it hardens very quickly.

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