Depilation Electrolyses

Combination between electric depilation and laser depilation, depilation by electrolysis could be called depilation by electricity.

It is practised by one or a électrolyste graduate which will slip into the skin a filament of the size of the hair. The electrical current that is electrolysis will be sent and the hair will be withdrawn with a grip. Quasi final method because the hairs little by little will be eliminated durably with the wire from the meetings. The duration of the treatment is variable from one person to another according to the pilosity of origin to treat.

The hair is not torn off but is not destroyed in its cells.

This type of depilation is appropriate for any type of hair, that this one is dark like light, whether they are many or sparse. However do not employ other depilatory method throughout this treatment per electrolysis.

It is disadvised to the sensitive people or then lavished after application of an anaesthetic pomade on the zones to depilate.

Counter-indications exist as for depilation with the laser, and it is in particular contra-indicated y to have recourse if you are pregnant, or in the case of certain diseases such as the diabetes, the hemophilia, etc…

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