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The depilation of the shirt is delicate and requires a soft method. It is indeed a significant zone, easily prone to the small red buttons. But to expose itself in shirt L `be, this depilation is almost an obliged passage as soon as the beautiful days return.

Some is the method employed, it is advisable to renew depilation the every 2 to 3 weeks for a net income and effective.

One can use depilation with traditional wax or Eastern wax, the two methods being effective for this zone and less painful than electric depilation. The latter is disadvised besides for intimate depilation bus inevitably gets local rednesses or ignitions and causes more or less strong pains.

The solution recommended is to make carry out this depilation in beauty parlours or centers of care by graduate aestheticians. These last, informed of this type of depilation, will carry out a clear, clean and effective depilation indeed with a pain often less than when depilation is carried out oneself in an individual way.

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