Male depilation

Traditionally and culturally associated the woman, depilation does not remain about it less one aesthetic concern attracting a number unceasingly crescent of men. Désacralisé with the depilation made public of the cyclists racings in particular, male depilation is not rare any more or exceptional. It became an epic beauty naturalness and attracting many men.

There exists more and more of living rooms or beauty parlours specialized in the care for the men but a traditional institute or a generic center of care can completely carry out male depilations. It is true that the living rooms centered on the man flower especially in the large metropolises and even very mainly on Paris and They of France.

Concerning the types of depilation carried out, they are mainly the zones of the face, with the beard formerly entrusted to the “barber”, the nose, the nostrils and the ears. With the age, certain men see appearing a number growing of hairs at these places of the face and wish to cure it. An aesthetician will withdraw the hairs considered to be disgracieux either with tepid wax supplemented of the tweezers for the completions and of fine scissors, or exclusively with the tweezers.

With regard to body depilations, the depilation of the legs and thighs remain often required by sportsmen, for reasons of performance.

But the depilation of the chest of the man becomes an epic beauty in full expansion, and often at the head finds list of the requests for depilation emanating from the male race. The traditional methods evoked herebefore in the site applies to this type of depilation, which tends to become as usual and standardized with the passing of years as female depilation.

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