Eastern depilation

Currently regarded as depilation with the mode, depilation with Eastern wax does not require nowadays any more of house preparation but is most natural of waxes.

Containing water, of lemon and sugar making it possible to obtain a paste caramel, the Eastern waxes are sold from now on all ready with employment, out of pot as the wax known as “traditional”.


It also applies same manner as traditional hot wax to all the parts of the body to be depilated. Particularly appreciated because natural, the Eastern wax “sticks” a little less effectively than traditional hot wax.

The ready formulas all out of pots make it possible to combine the pleasure of one preparation with old natural the speed of preparation and execution of one depilation with the depilatory cream. And especially hair pushes back it is identical to that to traditional wax, therefore longer than the razor, or the depilatory creams.


If you wish to carry out yourself your Eastern wax decoction, envisage two or three lump sugar handles, a half glass of water and make heat the whole.

When the caramel takes a brownish color, to add the lemon (some drops) and put the preparation in cold water. Make then a ball with the mixture thus obtained and pose it on the zones to be depilated by spreading out it over the skin. It is then necessary to remove the preparation of a dry blow and to renew the gesture at once.

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